What is Cambridge AICE?

AICE, which stands for Advanced International Certificate of Education is a set of challenging college-level classes for high school students. It was developed by Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge in England. 
AICE was designed to give students the option to pursue a more rigorous and ambitious curriculum by teaching you key skills to succeed in college-level work. At the same time, AICE classes and the diploma structure are flexible enough to let you tailor the coursework to your interests and strengths.
Besides the academic and intellectual appeal of learning in greater depth, AICE lets you earn an advanced diploma to boost your college application. It also could potentially get you college credit or let you place out of intro courses once you are a freshman.
Please view the presentation below to learn more about AICE at East Lee County High School.

Financial Benefits

On top of its emphasis on flexible class offerings and its potential to strengthen your college application, AICE has several financial benefits as well.  AICE classes and exams are free for students – your school pays all the fees for this program.

For students in Florida, an AICE Diploma is a great way to secure some college money. If you earn the diploma and complete 100 hours of community service, then you automatically qualify for the Florida Academic Scholars Award from the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

How Do I Apply?

The District recently made changes to the Advanced Program applications for AICE and IB. Please use the newest form. If you have already submitted an application, you are fine. Before completing the application, please click here to view a presentation with additional information.  You can also contact the school.  Once you are ready to apply, complete the Cambridge Application and submit it before the deadline February 16, 2018.

Students! Are You a Good Fit for Cambridge?

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