Zellers, Susan Principal E-Mail
Aldrich, Michelle Assistant Principal (10th Grade) E-Mail
Blaze, Karen Assistant Principal of Curriculum E-Mail
Gibson, Brian Assistant Principal (9th and 12th Grades) E-Mail 
Kurtz, Jason Assistant Principal (11th Grade) E-Mail 
Trelease, Donald Assistant Principal E-Mail 


Name Course(s) / Title E-Mail
Ewell, Sarah 2D Art / 3D Art / Sculpture 1 - 2 / Sculpture 3 Honors E-Mail
Falcon, Meghan Drawing 1 - 2 / Drawing 3 Honors / Painting 1 - 2 / Painting 3 Honors E-Mail
LoPresti, Meghan 2D Art / 3D Art / Sculpture 1 - 2 / Sculpture 3 Honors / Department Chair E-Mail


Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Devlin, Samantha AVID 3 / Teacher E-Mail
Holohan, William AVID 2 / Teacher E-Mail
Hutto, Carolyn AVID 4 / AVID Coordinator / Teacher Leader E-Mail
Moreno, Betsy AVID 2 / Teacher E-Mail
Pabon, Sam AVID 1 / Teacher E-Mail

Career and Technical Education

Name Academy / Title Contact
Adams, Brian Digital Information Technology / Teacher / Department Chair E-Mail
Coker, Heidi Medical / Instructor E-Mail
Devlin, Samantha Yearbook / Teacher E-Mail
Diana, Barbara Medical / Instructor E-Mail
Filler, Jerriel Welding / Instructor E-Mail
Green, Tiana Criminal Justice / Instructor E-Mail
Jones, Tim Firefighting / Instructor E-Mail
LoPresti, Frank Digital Information Technology / Teacher E-Mail
LoPresti, Meghan Digital Design / Teacher E-Mail
Phillips, Arthur Culinary Arts / Instructor E-Mail
Thayer, Ted Construction / Instructor E-Mail
Wall, Phillip Automotive / Instructor E-Mail
Wold, Richard Construction / Instructor E-Mail


Name Course(s)/Title Contact
Acierno, Maria ESOL English 1 - 4 E-Mail
Bailey, Tiffany English 2 Honors E-Mail
Ciccarone, Mary English 3 Honors / AP English Literature E-Mail
Clemons, Luther English 1 - 2 E-Mail
Evans, Jennifer English 4 / English 4 Honors / Department Chair E-Mail
Gridley, Stacey English 1 / Creative Writing E-Mail
Lee, Sarah English 4 / AP English Composition E-Mail
Martinez, Janet English 2 E-Mail
Perez, Joy English 1 - 2  E-Mail
Rapp, Linda English 1 - 2 E-Mail
Rodriguez, Jose English 3 E-Mail
Ruiz, Yolanda ESOL E-Mail
Sowers, Milagros Debate / Teacher Leader E-Mail
Thompson, Eric English 1 / English 3 E-Mail
Vertus, Dariana English 3 E-Mail
Wall, Helene English 4 / English 4 Honors E-Mail


Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Atkins, Deborah Staffing Specialist E-Mail
Baquero-Dominguez, Milton ESE/Educational Paraprofessional E-Mail
Bocchino, Eugene ESE Paraprofessional E-Mail
Bollman, Lori Speech Language Pathologist E-Mail
Campbell, Bethan Learning Strategies / Case Manager / Department Chair E-Mail
Corvi, Bradford Educational Paraprofessional E-Mail
Cruz, Yolanda ESE Paraprofessional E-Mail
Dzienny, Brian Educational Paraprofessional E-Mail
Falkenberg, Gary Critical Thinking & Study Skills / Freshman Success / Case Manager E-Mail
Francis, Joan Co-Teacher (Math) / Case Manager E-Mail
Jenkins, Rob Functional Skills / Case Manager E-Mail
Kowalski, Timothy Life Skills / Case Manager E-Mail
Meek, Andrew Co-Teacher E-Mail
Montgomery, JoAnn Life Skills / Case Manager E-Mail
Perez, Joy Co-Teacher (English) / Case Manager E-Mail
Reagan, Kara ESE Paraprofessional E-Mail
Tolbert, Regina Educational Paraprofessional E-Mail
Velasquez, Marixa Educational Paraprofessional  E-Mail
Ward, Winfred Fundamentals of Consumer Math, English 4, U.S. Government and Economics with Financial Literacy E-Mail
Whidden, Elizabeth Educational Paraprofessional E-Mail

Foreign Language

Name Course(s) / Title E-Mail
Davis, Laura Spanish 1 / Department Chair  E-Mail
Galban-Moreno, Yesel Spanish 1 - 2 E-Mail
Orengo, Ivonne Spanish 1 / Spanish 1 for Native Speakers E-Mail
Perez, Mariela Spanish 2 / Spanish 2 for Native Speakers E-Mail


Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Davis, Rock Leadership Education & Training 1 / Sargeant First Class E-Mail
Dickerson, Barry Leadership Education & Training 4 / Lieutenant Colonel / Department Chair E-Mail
Payne, Gary Leadership Education & Training 3 / Sargeant Major E-Mail
Roseberry, William Leadership Education & Training 2 / Sargeant First Class E-Mail


Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Allison, Lucy Algebra 2 / Algebra 2 Honors / Liberal Arts Math 2 E-Mail
Baughman, Jennifer Liberal Arts Math 1 / Intensive Math E-Mail
Borowy, Elizabeth Algebra 1 / Intensive Math E-Mail
Courtney, John Geometry / Intensive Math E-Mail
Cripe, Lorraine Geometry / Liberal Arts Math E-Mail
Estrada, Gerardo Math for College Readiness / Liberal Arts Math 2 E-Mail
Faasse, Douglas Math for College Readiness / Liberal Arts Math 2 E-Mail
Francis, Joan Math for College Readiness / Liberal Arts Math E-Mail
Holohan, William Algebra 1 / Algebra 1 Honors / Intensive Math / Department Chair E-Mail
Lewis-Howell, Grace Intensive Math E-Mail
Nunez, Robin Geometry / Geometry Honors E-Mail
Poland, Donna Geometry E-Mail
Rogers, Glenn Pre-Calculus / AP Calculus / Advanced Topics in Math E-Mail
Slater, Lureen Algebra 1 / Intensive Math E-Mail
Tamboureas, Melissa Liberal Arts Math / Algebra 2 Honors E-Mail
Zak, Adam Liberal Arts Math 1 / Intensive Math E-Mail

Office Staff

Name Title Contact
Baserman, Cassandra Clerk/Typist (Guidance) E-Mail
Caro, Maribel Educational Paraprofessional (Front Desk) E-Mail
Caro, Toni Clerk/Typist (Front Desk) E-Mail
Hermann, Tori Attendance Specialist E-Mail
Irizarry, Jennifer Information Specialist E-Mail
Sanchez, Mira Principal's Secretary E-Mail
Stanley, Verndell Clerk/Typist (Student Affairs) E-Mail

Physical Education

Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Arbuckle, Jake HOPE / Department Chair E-Mail
Bull, Richard Basketball / Team Sports / Department Chair E-Mail
Hornik, David Weight Training E-Mail
Hutto, Carolyn Aerobics E-Mail
Keiser, Sharon Team Sports / Volleyball E-Mail
Porter, Nina HOPE E-Mail
Smith, David Weight Training E-Mail


Name Course(s) / Title E-Mail
Canciani, Colleen Intensive Reading E-Mail
Daniel-Baldie, Janice Intensive Reading E-Mail
Duane, Rosalba Intensive Reading E-Mail
Garcia, Michael Intensive Reading / Department Chair E-Mail
Ruiz, Yolanda Intensive Reading E-Mail
White, Linda Intensive Reading E-Mail

School Counselors

Assigned Students
Cocchieri, Janet Student's Last Names: F - L E-Mail
Cummins, Lee Student's Last Names: M - Rivas E-Mail
Davis, Natalee Student's Last Names: A - E / Department Chair E-Mail
Schell, Kevin Graduation Coach E-Mail
Sutton, Courtney Student's Last Names: Rivera - Z E-Mail


Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Albertelli, Fred Environmental Science E-Mail
Anderson, Carol Integrated Science 1 E-Mail
Becker, George Physics 1 / Physics 1 Honors / Chemistry 1 Honors E-Mail
Bland, Fred Integrated Science 1 / Chemistry 1 / Department Chair E-Mail
Dandekar, Rob Earth & Space Science E-Mail
Diamantino, Joanna Biology 1 / Integrated Science 1 E-Mail
Kim, Eun Anatomy & Physiology / Anatomy & Physiology Honors / Integrated Science 1 E-Mail
Mattison, Catherine Environmental Science E-Mail
Moody, Lee Earth & Space Science E-Mail
Simms, Frank Environmental Science E-Mail
Smith, Jennifer Integrated Science 1 / Teacher Leader E-Mail
Tidwell, Olivia Biology / Biology Honors / Genetics Honors E-Mail


Name Title Contact
Cruz, Virginia Security Specialist E-Mail
Griner, Keith Security Specialist E-Mail
Otero, William Security Specialist E-Mail

Social Studies

Name Course(s) / Title Contact
Bores, Kenneth World History E-Mail
Castellano, Jill Law Studies / Department Chair / Teacher Leader E-Mail
Devlin, Samantha U.S. History E-Mail
Faasse, Thomas U.S. History Honors / AP U.S. History / AP Human Geography E-Mail
Falkenberg, Gary U.S. History E-Mail
Giraldo, Santiago Economics with Financial Literacy / Economics with Financial Literacy Honors E-Mail
Johnson, Stacey Psychology E-Mail
McCracken, Sean World History E-Mail
Moor, Robert U.S. History E-Mail
Moreno, Betsy U.S. Government / U.S. Government Honors E-Mail
Quartey, Ramsey Economics with Financial Literacy / U.S. Government E-Mail
Willis, Chad World History Honors / AP World History E-Mail