School Advisory Council Minutes - August 26, 2014

East Lee County High School – Title I School Advisory Council Meeting

Minutes August 26, 2014

Welcome – Chair Monica Drew

School Advisory Committee (SAC) President, Monica Drew, called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.

Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved.

2014-15 Treasury Report - Based on FTE numbers from previous school year 

Report the balance is $19,282.40 presented by DAC Representative, Gwynetta Gittens.

School Improvement Plan 2014-15 Presentation – East Lee County SIP Team Representatives

Reading – Mrs. Gobran

Target: 4% increase
Barriers: Teacher motivation
Resources: Weekly words and provided supplies for teachers
Responsible: Everyone
Process: Performance matters, bell ringers, and exit slips

Writing – Mrs. Williams

Reported that last year’s students made the highest writing gains in the district.

Target: 10% increase
Resources: Timed writing
Barriers: Lack of school wide consistency
Process: CPS checklist, bell ringers, and common assessments
Effectiveness: Writing coach

Algebra – Ms. Henderson

Target: 15% increase
Barriers: Common assessments and removal of test bank
Resources: Common planning,, ALECK, and pacing calendars
Actions: Backward planning, common bell ringers
Effectiveness: Who, what, when, where, data, and criteria

Geometry – Mr. Overstreet

Target: 3% increase
Resources: Common planning and
Barriers: Test format
Effectiveness: Teachers

Science – Mrs. Woods

Target: 5% increase
Goal: Similar to that of last year
Barrier: Knowledge of the 22 benchmarks
Resources: Common benchmarks, reading, and a science contract
Actions: Bell ringers, benchmarks, writing, prompts, and spiraling
Process: Who, what, when, where, data, and criteria

Social Studies – Ms. Castellano

Target: 5% increase
Barriers: Vertical alignment
Resources: Cross curriculum, planning, textbooks, student familiarization of reading on computers, classroom walk through, and sharing plans

CTE Stem – Mr. Gibson

Target: 22% increase of industry certifications
Barriers: Scheduling and lack of planning
Resources: District, tracking cert. sheet, CAPE funds, and teacher expertise
Actions: Inform freshman (funnel), IT teachers present programs, and bulletin board

FAA – Ms. Martin

Target: Consistent test
Barrier: FAA administration
Resources: Unique curriculum
Actions: ESE teachers will attend FAA training prior to test
Effectiveness: List of teachers provided by the district FAA score report

CELLA – Mr. Bland

Target: 3% increase
Resources: ESOL strategies implementation
Resources: Certified teachers, ESOL coordination, ESOL district, and paraprofessionals
Action: Trainings throughout the year, identification of the ELLA students right away, and ESOC strategies implementation
Early warning system: Paez

Target: 92% attendance rate
Barriers: Attendance not being recorded correctly by teachers, as well, as students not being motivated to come to school
Actions: Professional development and reminders
Effectiveness: Monitoring the attendance rate

Graduation – Mrs. Gittens

Target: 4% increase
Barrier: Lack of requirement awareness and self-actualization
Resources: Graduation LRT, SIP team, counselors, grade level requirements, and the career center\
Actions: “Turn up the heat”, boot camps, and 4 day trainings (Tuesday-Friday 2-5:00 P.M.)
Process: Monitor students signing up for the test and monitor the completion of graduation credit

Election of 2014-15 officers

Monica Drew was elected Chairperson for the 2014-15 year
Nora Martin was elected Vice Chair
Motioned to nominate Gittens DAC chair and Ms. Woods a respective alternative. Seconded by Emery Drew.

Meeting Schedule for 2014-15 School Year

As discussed, the following meetings have been established:

September 23rd, 2014 (Grant Meeting) @ 6:00 P.M.
September 30th, 2014 (Grant Presentation & Meeting Calendar)

Title I Report – Yolaine Martin

Resources for the present year accumulate to $630,359, in addition, a 3% decrease in free/reduced lunch was recognized and noted. The presentation covered allocation of funds for the 2014-2015 school year, school performance for the previous year based on standardized assessments, things to look for this year, Parent involvement and rights as well the many ways in which parents can be involved in the educational process.

Parent Involvement

Deliberation consisted of the Parent Involvement plan for East, as well, as the review of the parent compact. The parent compact was approved and September 8th was the set date to send them home with the students.

Principals Report – Brian Mangan

Increased our ESOL increased by 3 and resource for ESOL and ESE. Increased school counseling initiatives to four to ensure greater academic success and support for our students.

DAC Information – Mrs. Drew/Gwynetta Gittens

Mrs. Gittens was elected as District Advisory Council representative and Mrs. Woods was elected as alternate.

Good of the order

Motion was called to adjourn the meeting by Monica Drew.
Seconded by Alexandria Drew at 8:32 P.M.

Formally submitted,

David Reyes-Marquetti / Gwynetta Gittens
ELCHS SAC Secretary

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