AVID Application

How do I apply for the AVID program?
AVID Application process:

**Students accepted into AVID will be scheduled into the AVID Elective for one year, and will re-apply each year.   

What are the requirements to get into the AVID Elective?

  • Good Classroom Conduct (no behavior referrals)
  • 2.0 minimum GPA (incoming freshman GPA; see scale below for all grade levels)
  • Limited Absences 
  • Willingness to participate in the AVID program
  • Dedication & Determination to achieve goals
  • FSA Math & Reading Scores of at least a 2; this level is needed to be enrolled in at least course of rigor 
  • Complete the AVID agreement/application and submit by deadline
  • Successfully complete the interview process

Once selected for the AVID program, the student student is expected to:

  • Enroll in the AVID elective course for appropriate grade level
  • Enroll in one or more academic advanced classes (Honors, Pre-AICE/AICE, AP, Dual) each semester
  • Maintain satisfactory behavior and attendance in all classes (No referrals, ISS and/or OSS)
  • Carry and maintain the AVID binder with assignments and take daily notes in all classes
  • Utilize planner; writing in all classwork/homework/activities
  • Complete all homework/classwork assignments on time and commit to studying every night 

AVID Elective Grade Level Expectations for Eligibility
Grade       AVID       Rigorous        Minimum
Level       Course       Course(s)        GPA 

9th           AVID1             1                 2.00
10th         AVID2             1                 2.25
11th         AVID3             2                 2.50
12th         AVID4             2                 2.75
AVID3 and AVID4 applicants: If applying for AVID3, student must have successfully completed AVID2 with at least a C.  If applying for AVID4, student must have successfully completed AVID3 and AVID2 with at least a C.  

*Note: Current AVID students ARE required to complete the application, but are not required to interview. 

If you have any questions about AVID, please contact the AVID Elective Teacher by grade level. AVID1 = 9th, AVID2 = 10th, AVID3 = 11th, AVID4 = 12th grade  

AVID Elective Teachers

AVID1, AVID3 and AVID4: Mr. Israel Genest
Email: IsraelGG@leeschools.net

AVID2/AVID CoordinatorMr. Allam Sanchez
Email: [email protected]

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